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Our Most Recent Laureates

Hikster is the collaborative platform for outdoor enthusiasts. Would you like to enjoy outdoor activities for longer and more often, but planning isn't your cup of tea? Our website and mobile app allow you to discover new trails and playgrounds, even offline!
JAB Productions is a video production company that specializes in storytelling and content marketing for companies, NGOs and media outlets.
Insight helps managers of software companies monitor the health of their team and the projects they’re working on through web-based dashboards. Insight analyzes activity that takes place across the software tools the development team uses and turns meaningless data points into insightful and actionable intelligence. Through data-crunching algorithms and beautiful visualizations, Insight is helping companies understand the capabilities and limitations of their development teams at all times, allowing them to look into the future with greater clarity and make the necessary adjustments today. Our mission is to make the process of software development as predictable as tomorrow's sunrise.
Ubifood is a mobile app that enables consumers to buy in real time offers from food retailers with surplus food. Ubifood enables the consumers to geolocalize all the good foodies plan around him, by saving time and money. Our environmentally responsible mission lies in helping local food retailers sell off their unsold food products in real time by enabling consumers take advantage of exclusive food offers and promotions.
Montreal based professional provider of mobile, turnkey childcare services. Never be torn between professional, cultural or athletic commitments and family needs again; bring your children with you! PopupCamp allows them to discover the worlds of their parents! Our activities are specifically tailored to the theme of every event. Going above and beyond a mere entertainment service, our inclusive and educational formula enhances the experience of all parties, allowing parents, children and event organizers engaged to engage and learn from one another.
Anna Cuisine is a new fast food operation which aims to revolutionize the fast food industry. Anna Cuisine serves genuinely healthy and really delicious food in a tech-enabled environment. Customers place and track orders online or through a mobile app, which allows customers to avoid wasting time waiting in lines, and allows Anna Cuisine to offer a personalized and pleasant experience. After several months of successful deliveries, Anna Cuisine is now working on opening its first location downtown Montreal.