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Healthy and complete smoothies in frozen cubes to prepare your smoothie in 10 seconds, no blender needed!
Anagraph offers Location Based Services and create business intelligence solutions thanls to spatial data science
Sharethebus is the premier online marketplace for charter bus rental, bringing people the tools to join, create and share trips to festivals, conferences and other high-demand events.
Hikster is the collaborative platform for outdoor enthusiasts. Would you like to enjoy outdoor activities for longer and more often, but planning isn't your cup of tea? Our website and mobile app allow you to discover new trails and playgrounds, even offline!
JAB Productions is a video production company that specializes in storytelling and content marketing for companies, NGOs and media outlets.
BroCarr is an online automobile brokerage service. In less than 72 hours, it communicates to users the best market price and where they should buy or lease their next new car.