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Our Most Recent Laureates

Nukern is a cloud-based billing software, specialized for web hosts. Automation is our middle name.
The V Cups inc is a company that manufactures and distributes paper cups. This company also offers you the possibility to put your ads on the cups and after, distributes these through their canadian business network.
1642 Cola isn’t summertime, it’s a sunbeam. It’s not the mile-end, it’s the ambiance and carefree charm. It’s not Parc Lafontaine, but its wi-fi. 1642 isn’t a love story, it’s that first encounter. Not the journey but the first few steps. 1642 is a habs goal, a terrasse, a friend. A skyscraper, a festival, a bike path. A poutine late on saturday night, the mountain and the main. 1642 Cola isn’t Montreal : it’s the taste of Montreal.
Founded in 2013, SPIN is a young innovative company that specializes in designing game structures for entertainment and marketing in events. We design our structures in order to provide a new experience to our clients and their participants. Our games also create viral communications and explore the wide possibilities of experiential marketing. From renting to custom designs; SPIN uses the creativity and expertise of its team to provide services and products to suit all of our customer's demands.
Chic Marie is an haute couture clothing rental company for professional women from all different background, based on a subscription model.
MakerBloks are reactive building blocs that offer a unique way for kids to learn electronics, build real circuits and control a virtual world.