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More sites must be performed simultaneously to ensure the maintenance of public infrastructure. More than sixty entities involved in the Montreal metropolitan area. Thus, we face a significant amount of obstacles to movement and active and public transportation. Coordination of these barriers is becoming more space and represents a major challenge! In this context, OPA Technologies has set itself the task of optimizing the management of urban mobility using a mapping tool meeting the challenges affecting the fluidity of the movement of people, goods and information. Thus the platform is a tool for collaboration and information sharing in real time. OPA Technologies specializes in numerical optimization software for the integrated management of urban infrastructure assets and the management of obstacles to the movement. OPA Technologies offers a suite of dynamic solutions delivered via the Web to optimize decision making and minimize the social-economic and environmental impacts of urban infrastructure. OPA technology is distinguished by its ability to design custom specific and unique solutions that meet the needs of each client, providing a turnkey service. As many municipalities, provincial and federal authorities that private companies will find a key advantage to using custom designed OPA technology platform to meet their needs.
We are the first Canadian company that specializes in high quality herbal tea made from flowers and aromatic herbs.Therefore Orisha comes sprinkled all through with innovation. Our Herbal tea is Chic, Exotic and full of health benefits. All this, while remaining an affordable experience and 100% natural.
SmartHalo turns your bike into a smart bike.
Nukern is a cloud-based billing software, specialized for web hosts. Automation is our middle name.
Using fish leather and recycled fur, the high-end clothing brand suggests a healthier mode of consumption: Responsible luxury. MAISON CYMA, pioneer in the use of perch and salmon leather, creates unique designs while incorporating recycled fur in clothes with a detachable invisible system allowing to adapt the garment according to the season or time of day. MAISON CYMA is known for its original designs mixing baroque and modern inspirations to create a unique world where nature and man are one.
Sprked is a subscription based platform that allows fans to support their favorite gaming content creators on an ongoing basis.