Every year, Fondation Montréal inc. awards fifty Grant+ in amounts between $5,000 and $30,000 to innovative Montréal businesses that show high growth potential.    A Grant+ is awarded with lifetime access to all the à la carte services offered by the Fondation — coaching, mentoring, business referral, training/workshops, co-development groups, and several networking activities with recognized entrepreneurs and business community professionals.  There are four drafting rounds every year, occuring in February, May, August and October.

Webinar: how to obtain the Montréal inc. Grant+ ? (In French with bilingual Q&A)

Info session:  how to obtain the Montréal inc. Grant+ ? (Bilingual)

Tip-clinic: the essentials of a business plan and financial statements (In French with bilingual Q&A)


Here are some laureates of Fondation Montréal inc.

Dax Dasilva


Mélanie Heyberger

Le Coffret de Rachel

Phil Cutler


Hicham Ratnani

Frank + Oak

Mohamed Hage

Les Fermes Lufa

Bastien Poulain

1642 Sodas

Mariève Ducharme

Nüvü Caméra

Philippe Poirier

Wilder & Harrier


La Zone Montréal inc.

La Zone Montréal inc. was born in 2014 from a partnership between the Fondation and Desjardins, with the aim of offering more upstream support to promising businesses that did not obtain a Grant+ on their first application to the Fondation.   La Zone offers a chance to these candidates, who are full of potential but have to upgrade, to polish their business project over a 12-month period, so that they can reformulate a grant application to the Fondation. 
N.B.: a rejected candidacy for a Grant+ doesn't automatically mean admission to La Zone Montréal inc.  Only the Fondation chooses the candidates who will access the Zone.



Drafting Rounds

La Fondation Montréal inc. is perpetually looking for talented entrepreneurs who will lead their business to success. Every year, the Fondation launches three Drafting Rounds, during which the eligible candidates can submit their application. Next deadline will be help on February 2, 2018.


  • The application submitted during a drafting round are processed only after its deadline. You will not receive any response before the deadline.
  • The same project may be submitted only once. 



Am I eligible for Grant+?

Important: all the eligibility criteria must be respected during submission of the application by the entrepreneur holding 50% or more of the company's shares.

1.     Be 18 to 35 years of age inclusive.

2.     Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (non-residents must hold their Certificate de sélection du Québec to be able to submit their candidacy) 

3.     Reside on the Island of Montréal

4.     Your company's head office, if applicable, must be located on the Island of Montréal.

5.     Have been in the marketing phase for twelve months or less, or plan to engage in marketing in the next twelve months.

6.     Plan to be a full-time employee of your own business at the time of its startup.

7.     Hold at least half the shares of the company (50% or more) or hold them jointly with other entrepreneurs who also meet the eligibility criteria.

For any questions, refer to our  FAQ section.


What applications are excluded?

The following projects are not eligible for a Grant+ and thus will be rejected automatically. 

o  Non-profit project

o  Project of a sexual, religious or political nature

o  Bars or discotheques

o  Student projects: internships and university projects

o  Research and development projects

o  Projects rejected and submitted a 2nd time

o  Projects for which the entrepreneurs do not meet the eligibility criteria

o  Projects submitted by full-time students at the time of the business startup

o  Projects of self-employed workers

o  Incomplete applications


How do you select your applications? 

Although several factors influence our decision, we mainly seek projects that have the following four characteristics:

  • Innovative: Does your product/service represent a significant competitive advantage on the market?
  • Growth objective: Do you see yourself growing big?   Will you create several jobs in the years ahead?
  • Profitability: Do you have a solid revenue model that proves to us your business will be profitable?
  • Montréal outreach: Will you contribute to Montréal's local and international outreach?


What documents must I submit?

All these documents must be completed and attached to your application.

1.  A business plan

2.  A financial summary

3.  A  personal financial statement

4.  Your resume

5.  Your 3-year projected financial forecasts


What are the next steps?

1.     Make sure you meet all the  eligibility criteria.

2.     Consult our  Preparatory Kit to maximize your chances.

3.     Have all the  required documents in hand (listed above).

4.    Submit your application, attaching all the required documents.


How is the selection process conducted?

The selection process is spread over approximately 11 weeks.   Once a drafting round has ended, the application submitted during the round will be processed as follows.  

Step 1: reception of applications and pre-screening (4 weeks)

Fondation Montréal first does a pre-screening of all applications it received, verifying that all applications are completed and presented by eligible candidates.  Once a first read of all applications is completed, Fondation Montréal inc. convenes pre-selected candidates for a short introduction meeting at its head office.

Step 2: interview with selected candidates (4 weeks)

Following the short meeting with the pre-selected candidates, Fondation Montréal inc. selects the best candidates to move forward in the process.   At the same time, it communicates with candidates who have not been selected.  The selected candidates are convened for an evaluation interview, led by a dyad of evaluators (experience business volunteers), which lasts 1 hour.

Step 3: recommandations of the Grant Attribution Committee (2 weeks)

Following the evaluation interviews with the dyads of evaluators, Fondation Montréal inc. presents its recommandations to the Grant Attribution Committee, which purpose is to officially approve the awarding of the grants.  This committee is formed by members of the board.

Step 4: official announcement (2 weeks)

Once the Grant Attribution Committee has rendered its final decision, Fondation Montréal inc. officially communicates with the selected candidates to share the good news.  These candidates, now laureates, are then invited to a celebratory welcome event to meet with the Fondation's team and discover what the next steps are.