How to get a grant

How to obtain your grant or a place in Zone Montréal inc. 

Fondation Montréal inc. is offering 50 startups grants and 50 places in its Zone Montréal inc. When you submit a grant application, you could receive a scholarship or a place in the Zone


Upcoming Drafting Round:  April 12 to May 12 2017

Prospective candidates for the Montreal inc. Grant will be able to submit their applications starting on April 12 and will have until May 12 to complete them.  No applications will be received before April 12.


Information sessions

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What is the Fondation Montréal inc. grant

Fondation Montréal inc. awards $650,000 in start-up grants annually. By becoming a recipient of a grant from the Fondation, the entrepreneur also has access to the free support services

What is Zone Montréal inc./Desjardins Business 

The result of a partnership with Desjardins, the Zone offers 50 startup companies the opportunity to access the support services the Fondation is known for, even if they do not receive a grant. By becoming a promoter of Zone Montréal inc. activated by Desjardins, the entrepreneur has a chance to refine a business plan over a 12-month period with a view to resubmitting an application for the Fondation grant. The same eligibility and selection criteria apply.

The next deadline to submit your application is: February 3rd, 2017 before 5 p.m.

Fondation Montréal inc. accepts applications throughout the year, but the files are not processed until after the deadline for submitting applications. Applications for grants and/or access to Zone Montréal inc. are evaluated in the same selection process. The next deadline for submitting your application is February 3rd, 2017 before 5 p.m.

Grants Awarded

  • Between $5,000 and $30,000. Please note that the Foundation will nnever cover more than 25% of startup costs.


Entrepreneurs wishing to submit an application for a grant must proceed as follows: 

Eligibility Criteria 

Important: All the criteria must be met on the date of the submission of applications.

  1. Be between 18 and 35 years of age inclusively
  2. Anticipate being fully employed by your own business from the moment it is launched
  3. Be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent resident (non-residents must have their Quebec Selection Certificate to be able to submit an application)
  4. Reside on the Island of Montréal. For a list of City of Montréal boroughs and eligible suburban municipalities, click here
  5. Have started a business on the Island of Montréal within the last twelve months or plan to do so in the year following approval of the project
  6. Hold at least half of the company's shares (50% or more) or hold them jointly with other entrepreneurs who are also eligible for the grant

Important: Please note that a business project can only be submitted once to the Foundation.

Rejection Criteria

The following projects are not eligible for a grant:

Non-profit projects - Projects of a sexual, religious or political nature – Bars, discotheques – Student projects: academic projects or internships – R & D projects.

The following entrepreneurs are not eligible for a grant:

Full-time students at the time of the business start-up – Self-employed workers.

Incomplete project files will be automatically rejected

Evaluation Process

Step 1: Submitting your Application to the Foundation

First, you must fill out the Application Form online and it must include, among other things, a business plan, covering all the required information. Any incomplete file submitted at one or the other deadline will be automatically rejected.  Your application can only be submitted online. It must be received by the Foundation by the indicated deadline and our email confirming the receipt of your application will serve as proof that it was received on time.

Step 2: Evaluation of your business plan

The project files are processed within 12 weeks of the deadline date. The Foundation looks for projects featuring an important competitive advantage, as well as job creation, profitability and innovation. You could be called upon for an interview, during which business people evaluate your business plan according to specific criteria and recommend a grant or not. Don't forget: submitting a file does not mean you will be awarded a grant.

Step 3: Awarding of a grant

Each grant recommended by the evaluators are then confirmed by a Grants Committee. The decision to award a grant or not will depend on available funds and on the quality of the project files received.

The grant is offered in two instalments. In order to receive both instalments, the entrepreneur needs to fulfill certain requirements, depending on the nature of the project. These requirements will be explained to you during a later meeting.

Step 4: Announcement of the decision

Should you win a grant from the Foundation, one of our Coordinators will contact you and invite you to an information session.

Candidates that were not selected to receive a grant will receive a letter informing them of that decision.

Please note that grant application files will be destroyed within 10 weekdays following the announcement of the decision.