Les Materiaux Redwood Inc.

Marc Elliott
Summary of activities
Redwood is an online marketplace that centralizes material purchases for landscape contractors. The platform can be compared to a “niche Amazon”, bringing together buyers and sellers of landscaping materials. Landscape contractors represent the buyers on Redwood while nurseries, garden centers and material manufacturers make up the vendors on Redwood. Landscapers will be able to search for landscape materials on the Redwood website or App, create a basket, and instantly view possible purchase options optimized based on price, vendor(s) and proximity of the vendor to the job site. Landscapers can place orders for pickup or for delivery to a desired location on a desired date and time. All invoicing and payments will be completed through the Redwood platform on a 30-day credit basis.
Main customers
Our clientele consists of landscape contractors who represent the buyers on Redwood and our vendors who are made up of nurseries, garden centers and material manufacturers.