Fondation Montréal welcomes its 2017 Spring Cohort

21 April 2017

Fondation Montréal inc. welcomes its 2017 Spring Cohort.  We are proud to announce our support to 24 new Montreal-based start-ups.   Among them are laureates, who get access to a grant between 5 000 $ and 30 000 $ plus a long life access to our free à la carte services, while others are promotors who benefit from a 12-month access to our free à la carte services in order to develop their potential.


ARIA - Laureate

ARIA develops an interactive customer relationship management tool that allows mental health professionals to communicate and share tools with their patients in between appointments, while also acting as an appointment reservation and billing system.  

Breuvage EBE Inc.

Breuvage EBE Inc. produces the first anti-aging Canadian beverage made with Collagen and its supplemented version.

Carbicrete Inc.

Carbicrete commercializes a patented technology which produces concrete blocks without the use of cement.

Casa Rara Studio Inc.

Casa Rara Studio Inc. is a design consultation and content development firm which specializes in virtual reality.

Covalence Média inc. – Laureate

With its new game, Darwin Project, Covalence Média allows millions of online broadcasted games spectators to take part in the game and influence the result of it, without necessarily being in the arena.


Culturessor conceives innovative cultural projects for clients and museums organizations.

Épicerie LOCO – Laureate

Epicerie LOCO is a bulk grocery store that offers its clients biological, local and seasonal products which are healthy for the environment as well as for the consumer.

Falcon Composites S.A.

Falcon Composites is offering two ranges of high performance composites bicycle wheels assembled in Quebec.

Fro Inc.

Fro Inc. is an online marketplace which connects African American women looking for the services of hair stylists and beauty experts.

Hoptimize.ME - Laureate

Hoptimize is a management application designed specifically for construction SMEs that are looking to be productive using powerful tools just as those used in large corporations.

ImpressView - Laureate

Empower people by helping them master the art of personal branding.

Lexop Solutions inc.- Laureate

Lexop is the new way to exchange certified content.

LockBird - Laureate

LockBird repels and prevents the invasion of birds in the respect of the fauna and environment.

Maguire Boutique - Laureate

Maguire Boutique sells luxury products at affordable prices while rendering the production process fully transparent.

Medialpha Laboratoires Inc. – Lauréat

Medialpha makes your blood draw at home, at work, in pharmacy and clinics.

MicroHabitat - Lauréat

MicroHabitat promotes urban agriculture for businesses and individuals with rooftop gardens.

Paper Cult

Create games that allow players to interact with elements of the environment.

Pelcro Inc.

Build an online ad-free sustainable ecosystem for publishers and consumers.


Prëmo is a platform connecting individuals through companies and communities through referrals based on skills and competencies.

Trading as Portion - Laureate

Trading as Portion is a network of vending machines which offers fresh and well-balanced products and meals.

Tribay Market - Laureate

Help athletes stay on top of their nutrition game through their vast selection of sports supplements and Nutrition Lab via their online plateform.

Valegoo Valet – Lauréat

Located in the heart of Montreal, Valegoo is the modern solution to parking problems. No matter where you're going in downtown Montreal, they offer affordable and accessible valet parking.

Wizrd – Laureate

With Wizrd, get any products you need delivered by text or by Facebook Messenger.

Yumibox – Lauréat

Yumibox is a healthy whole grain mixes delivered to your door every month.