The Foundation welcomes 25 new Laureates

11 November 2015

Fondation Montréal Inc. is pleased to welcome 25 new business Laureates. These companies are proudly sponsored by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, which is financing all 2015 grants thanks to its major donation of $500,000 over 5 years.

To mark the Caisse’s 50th anniversary, a total of 50 grants were awarded in 2015. Here are the 25 businesses selected this Autumn as Laureates.


2GUID/Musée mobile 

2GUID is a new type of interactive guide, which will improve your tour experience in a museum. By downloading the mobile app, the visitor/user can access additional content he will be able to discover during the tour.

Anna Cuisine Inc.

Anna Cuisine Inc. serves really delicious and genuinely healthy and affordable food quickly, and through an experience that is guest-centric and IT-enabled. While they are working on their first physical location,they are now testing their menu with a select group of individuals in downtown Montreal through weekly deliveries. 


DYZE DESIGN creates  the best 3D printer parts.

E-panneur Online Grocery INC 

Do your grocery shopping online. Choose from a variety of stores and the time and date of delivery. E-panneur then does your grocery shopping and delivers it right to your door.

Hexa Foods Inc. 

Hexa Foods Inc. aims to disrupt the broken and outdated food system by introducing a sustainable alternative to how and what we eat. Edible insects can significantly increase the diversity of our food system and help solve food insecurity around the world, while using our planet’s limited resources much more efficiently. Their first product, Bugbites, is a healthy and tasty dog treats made with cricket flour and other fresh ingredients.

Hykso Inc. 

Hykso makes wearable sensors for boxers to improve their punches and their performance patterns. 

Insight Dashboards 

Insight Dashboards provides web-based dashboards for managers and executives at (agile) software companies that need to monitor the health of their projects and their development team.

Jeux Borealys inc.

Borealys Games Inc. is an independent video game company founded in Spring 2014. Based in Montreal, Quebec, the studio is dedicated to bringing innovative new games to the PC market. 

Kube Innovation INC. 

Kube Innovation Services is specialized in creating technical drawings, 3D modelling, rendering and technical instructions. We also offer consulting services in automation and supply chain optimisation. His first product, Innobyte, is a high precision measuring device that quantifies the maximal average biting force exerted by a patient.

La Boîte à Pitons

La Boîte à Pitons creates fun and educational interactive experiences, which promote the development of skills and knowledge, primarily for youngsters (3-13 years), but also their parents and teachers. Website coming soon.

Les Solutions CycleLabs inc. 

The multidisciplinary team at SmartHalo aims to revolutionize biking through technology. Its first product, Smarthalo, turns your bike into a smart bike.


The ethically made MAISON CYMA collection is inspired by animal dynamism and baroque romanticism. Their hallmark of their line is the use of recycled removable fur, fish leather, a handmade smocking texture.


MySeat develops innovative solutions for the management of workspaces. MySeat's first product is called Senseative: a network of sensors that lets you know at any time, and distance, if the seats of a workspace are occupied or not.

Notetracks Inc 

Notetracks is an innovative cloud-based platform that allows musicians, producers and composers the ability to upload, store, take notes and share their audio project in one integrated environment.


Nukern is a billing and automation software in the cloud, specialized for web hosts.

Orisha Infusions Inc 

Orisha Infusions Inc. is active in the agri-food sector and plans to introduce a relatively unknown product into the North American market, floral-based teas (flower tea). 


Popupcamp is a mobile Child Care for Events.

Sabrina's Closet 

Sabrina’s Closet is an online luxury consignment store selling pre-owned, authentic high-end designer fashions for less. In every girl's dream world, money wouldn't be an issue and closet space would be unlimited.

Salle Privée

Salleprivé is a platform that allows you to find, compare and book the best private spaces in Montréal, no matter what the budget or the type of event.


Sprked is a subscription-based platform founded in Montreal that allows fans to support their favorite gaming content creators, including indie game developers, YouTubers, live streamers (Twitch), mod makers, server hosts, etc.

Tailleur Nathon Kong 

Nathon Kong Tailor inc. aims to set a new standard for the convenient shopping experience by offering custom made cloth at client’s work place. The truck is solar-powered with a 3D scanner, allowing to get 360-degree measurements of your body in under 10 seconds.

Techologies OPA inc. 

OPA Technologies presents i.OPA©, the first platform to optimize the coordination of urban construction sites of infrastructure projects. The application offers an integrated solution for conflict management simulation, project prioritization and follow-up of the integration of different owners approval of urban technical networks and monitoring the progress of projects investments.

The Food Room inc. 

The Food Room is a rental kitchen and culinary coworking center dedicated to helping out food businesses.

UbiFood Inc. 

Ubifood is the hot new app which connects deal-hungry clients with tech-savvy retailers in real-time. With Ubifood, surplus food is sold, savored, and eaten rather than counted AS A LOSS AND THROWN AWAY!


Unito is an Asana-GitHub integrator that synchronizes projects, tasks and conversations between different apps. Unito helps you work seamlessly without switching apps all the time. No one is out of the loop anymore.