Montréal inc. welcomes 20 new startups

11 April 2018
We are proud to announce our support to 20 new Montreal-based startups. Among them are laureates, who get access to a grant between 5 000 $ and 30 000 $ plus a long life access to our free à la carte services, while others are promotors who benefit from a 12-month access to our free à la carte services in order to develop their potential.

The new laureates and promotors

Discover the 11 new laureates

Allset Insurance Technologies

Allset is your digital insurance broker. We apply machine learning algorithms to help our users understand their needs and recommend the most appropriate coverage to them. We offer a fast, simple and frictionless online shopping experience.


Beatlight proposes Outro, a music production platform that allows creators to buy sounds, sell sounds, and collaborate with each other.
Our mission is to connect every artist, musician, and producer in the world, empowering them to make better music and build stronger careers through collaboration.
Our platform is built around mutually beneficial collaboration. It is designed to support a wide range of working relationships between artists, producers, and musicians. Outro combines the immediate value of a diverse catalog of sounds with the ability to connect and collaborate with other creators. This offering puts us in a unique product category in that we provide a much more complete solution to the needs faced by our target segments than any of our competitors. With a diverse, healthy ecosystem of creators, we are in a unique position to dominate the space between DAWs and distribution platforms.

D'Armes Luminaires

D'Armes is a high-end lighting design and manufacturing studio launched in Montreal. D'Armes offers models with a modern and minimalist design through clear and simple lines. The irreproachable quality of the products is ensured by favoring local suppliers. Their bold creations attract the intended clientele, namely designers and architects, who act as prescribers recommending them in their various projects.


Entr is a web platform for event organizers to discover and book the most beautiful venues in their city. Entr helps the organizers to find unusual spaces, in addition to assisting them in the organization by proposing a network of verified partners to complete their space (eg catering, equipment, etc.).


eNuvio designs and develops lab-on-a-chip technologies for the life science research and drug discovery markets. Employing microfabrication methods developed in-house, eNuvio’s devices simplify the incredibly challenging scientific method known as electrophysiology. Electrophysiology is a key aspect of the drug discovery and development process, and is the cornerstone of the preclinical safety pharmacology industry. 

Épicerie BocoBoco

BocoBoco Inc. is a company that facilitates the integration of the Zero Waste lifestyle through a web platform and a system of delivery and picking of returnable containers at merchants. It has developed partnerships with their suppliers - committed players in the Montreal ecosystem, such as baskets, Zero Waste grocery stores and the best specialty grocery stores (bakeries, butchers, cheese factories.)


Evovest is an investment management firm offering discretionary portfolio management services. They use artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to solve the fundamental problems of investments. Their processes help distinguished between good and bad investments, recognize patterns in data and identifies which investments are more probable to be better than their peers and build investment portfolios for their clients.

Golden Square Mile Asset Management

Golden Square Mile Asset Management (GSM), a systematic investment manager, founded with the goal of applying cutting-edge technology to the data-rich world of finance.


Melio Pasta is a new range of pasta products that are at the forefront of healthy and sustainable nutrition. This product is designed to diversify eco-friendly food options by combining innovative ingredients that deliver record protein and tasteful flavors. These pasta contains a high protein content and exceptional nutritional quality while using ingredients with a low environmental footprint.


K-Ops from Pharonyx offers a new approach that aligns and facilitates the tracking and management of execution work for any construction project, regardless of scale and complexity. The tool saves up to 15% of the costs related to the management of execution and makes it possible to constitute 7 times faster the transfer of the final project documentation. In addition, by centralizing all proof of execution, K-Ops provides increased protection against costly and undesirable litigation.

Pillar Science

Pillar Science is a cloud-based virtual research environment that accelerates scientific research through data efficiency. We are a “scientific-intelligence” software: business intelligence applied to science. We apply business intelligence methodology and adapt it to fit scientists needs.

Voici  la liste des 9 promoteurs – Ceux-ci obtiennent nos services pour 12 mois maximum dans la Zone d'activation Desjardins.

Arthur Intelligence

Arthur Intelligence is a web application helping dentists to visualize & understand the performance of their clinic. They display key performance indicators on beautiful dashboards; making it easy for dentists to take decisions based on data instead of their emotions.


Creationauts Inc.created a Voice Commander is a software product commercialized by our early-stage technology startup. Our core technology center on speech recognition software that enables professionals to speak commands in order to control complex computer software.


FNG-Fungi's mission is to offer functional food products based on mushrooms. The company cultivates mushrooms, modifies them into active ingredients of natural health to turn them into everyday products and offer them to consumers in shops or in juice bars. Respectful of living beings and the environment, the company is committed to producing only quality health products, free from pesticides and genetically modified organisms.


PivoHub is a web portal whose main mission is to ensure a better distribution of microbrewery beers by offering technological solutions adapted to their market. It is the only one to offer a turnkey online order solution in order to lighten the administrative aspect of the distribution. In a second step, the company will allow an increased visibility, transforming the local stars in players on the national scene or even international scene.


Spotfields is a monthly subscription system giving access to team sports games at will. The target audience is any adult who is passionate about team sports or corporations looking for cohesive activities for their employees. The service stands out because it is more flexible than that of competition (payment per month and access to a multitude of sports centers and schedules of the week).

The Mindful Scholar

The Mindful Scholar has developed a subscription-based online mindfulness platform for K-12 schools that increases students' EQ (emotional intelligence) and helps bring students back to emotional equilibrium by offering teachers' an app that serves as a personal assistant to suggest customized mindful exercises tailored for each individual classroom's specific needs.



Scivero's flagship product, the Program Analytics web application, is a dashboard that not only automates the tedious tasks of compiling data and making such static reports, but gives users an intuitive interface with interactive visualizations, empowering them to make data driven decisions as to how to best help students succeed.

Spinyt Technologies

Spinyt adds diversity to students' daily meals by offering them ephemeral discounts at restaurants around their campus to save them money. On the other side, they enable restaurants to vary their prices in real-time in order to find the right price, for the right meal, at the right moment to match demand. This way, restaurants maximize their profitability during slow times.

Thriathlon Brava

Brava, meaning "Bravo" for women in Italian, is a brand of triathlon clothing that aims to bring recognition of women's sports participation through cycling, swimming and running. Brava, these are high-end clothes designed by women and for women. Every detail counts for an optimization of the comfort and the performance.