Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal 3.0

Come experience Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal 3.0, a magical weekend during which you will transform an idea into a concrete business!  SWFM 3.0 aims to foster female entrepreneurship, but do not be fooled!  the key word is inclusivity:  men are welcome to join the team around a women's business idea.  Ladies who nurture a business idea:  come pitch it, validate it, build yourself a strong team of cofounders and grow your network of contacts!  Gentlemen: meet the challenge of building a startup in 54 hours!

Who can attend?

  • Mixed event: men and women can participate*!
  • For all individuals with the following profiles: business (i.e. non-technical: marketing, public relations, sales, publicity, etc.), developer (code) or designer (UX, graphic design, industrial design, etc.).
  • Any creative and ambitious person who wishes to experience the building of a startup in 54 hours.

*At Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal 3.0, only women can pitch a business idea, but men are welcome to join the team formed around a women's idea.

Why should I participate?

  • You will meet entrepreneurs, professionals from fields such as business, marketing, communications, technology, UX design, potential cofounders and entrepreneurship enthusiasts.
  • You will learn how to pitch a business idea and will obtain constructive feedback from experienced judges.
  • You stand the chance to win many highly valuable prizes for a starting entrepreneur.


What is a Startup Weekend?

A startup weekend is a 54-hour entrepreneurship competition where participants have the challenge of building a viable business.  On Friday evening, participants with a business idea pitch it to the crowd.  After a popular vote, the ten most popular ideas are selected for teams to be formed around.   After two days of hard work, teams pitch the viable project to a panel of 5 judges, who are industry professionals. 


» Official video of Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal 2016







Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal 2016



On July 8, 9 and 10 2016, a Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal open to both men and women took place at Sid Lee.  Organized by Fondation Montréal inc., the official ambassador of the event was Marie-Josée Lamothe, Managing Director, Branding at Google Canada.  

A startup weekend is a 54-hour immersive experience in entrepreneurship where influent members from the business community and expert coaches come to mentor teams.  The participants, avant-garde women and male collaborators, build a functional startup during the weekend which is based on action and innovation.   

Discover the 1st Edition finalists and winners here.