11 jan. 2018 Lauréats

Montréal inc. welcomes 20 new startups

We are proud to announce our support to 20 new Montreal-based startups. Among them are laureates, who get access to a grant between 5 000 $ and 30 000 $ plus a long life access to our free à la carte services, while others are promotors who benefit from a 12-month access to our free à la carte services in order to develop their potential.

Discover the 11 new laureates



Architecture InForm inc.

Architecture InForm seeks to reinvent the vocation of the architectural profession in Montréal by providing information, design, and planning services using modelling tools capable of speeding up the production, quality, execution, and documentation of architectural and urban design projects.

Lemur Design

Lemur Design was founded to provide equipment design and installation services to indoor climbing gyms. This company is able to design and deliver a complete climbing gym in 3 months—while the competition needs up to 9 months to get it done. Lemur Design also seeks to enhance the sport through innovative solutions (such as sensors on climbing holds).

Mentorly Inc.

Mentorly has launched a Web platform to give art students and young artists direct and personalized access to renowned mentors. provides a source of income for mentors who, in turn, provide guidance, advice and recommendations to mentees to help steer their training or their careers.

Merinio Inc.

Merinio has developed a software platform to automate human resource management tasks: shift replacements, scheduling, vacation time, as well as overtime for unionized companies or organizations. The software is built on an algorithm that incorporates the complex business rules set out in collective agreements, takes skill levels and seniority into account, keeps track of banked overtime and vacation days, etc.

Pelcro Inc.

Pelcro provides a comprehensive platform to online media companies who want to generate subscription revenues from users who are willing to pay a monthly fee of $2.99 to avoid seeing ads.

Return Magic

Return Magic provides a technological product return solution for retail businesses. When linked to an e-commerce site, the company’s API allows customers to easily return products, and retailers to save time and money, while also transforming the return experience into a potential sale.

Station Service

This online shop, which offers designer clothing and accessory rentals, fits perfectly with the circular economy trend. Its mission is to give professional and urban women a new way to try out new trends while, at the same time, reducing their environmental impact.

Tastet is an interactive guide to the best gourmet experiences. Tastet’s mission is to promote gastronomy across Canada’s hospitality industry (restaurants, cafés, bars), support its growth, and contribute to its vitality.

Aperium Reality

Aperium designs and installs innovative virtual reality (VR) solutions for the entertainment and training industries. Kinescape (patent pending), a platform created by the company for the exploration of virtual environments, provides an outstanding immersive experience by integrating physical movement in an intuitive and collaborative setting.

Nectar Technologies Inc.

Nectar Technologies “gives bees a voice.” Nectar’s hive management platform helps beekeepers keep their bees healthy and productive. Using sensor-based technologies and artificial intelligence, Nectar connects to an app and converts the hive’s health status into information beekeepers can use.


Wisk Solutions

The Wisk technological solution helps bars and restaurants automate alcohol management functions. By providing accurate and real-time data on the amount of alcohol left in a bottle, the solution also helps limit theft and waste.

Discover 9 promotors – They benefit from a 12-month access to our free à la carte services in the Zone.


Concord Design

Concord Design’s 3D technology allows manufacturers to reproduce furniture from a template in just a couple of minutes.



Corbo Web Inc.

The platform allows users to find skilled lawyers, notaries or psychologists among the more than 20,000 professionals registered on the site. Professionals can opt for an annual or monthly subscription plan to claim and personalize their profiles on this platform.

To help users make informed choices, Corbo provides a wealth of information on its professionals including disciplinary records, customer comments on the quality of the services, as well as experience and competence.



Definitechs Inc.

Definitechs produces drone software driven by artificial intelligence to help companies enhance autonomy and proficiency. Definitechs’ solutions provide added value thanks to the significant optimization of processes and inspection results.



DY Technologies Inc.

Using its Web platform and a mobile application, DY (Dress You) Technologies has created a “virtual shopping centre” based on its “one-look shopping” concept, allowing consumers to purchase clothing from a variety of designers, shops, and retail chains in a single transaction.




Fluid has created an application that connects vehicle owners with mechanics, allowing users to reclaim control of vehicle maintenance, while creating business opportunities for mechanics.



Investissements Quantamental Inc.

Providing the financial sector with quantitative models based on artificial intelligence (AI). By leveraging AI, Investissements Quantamental is able to provide asset values that are more objective, accurate and coherent to brokerage firms, big banks, and wealth managers.




Kiid offers a turnkey “occasional childcare” service and promises to connect parents with an experienced, reliable, and recommended babysitter when needed.



Maroquinerie Chronos S.E.N.C.

Maroquinerie Chronos offers a range of versatile leather goods that can be adjusted in size and shape to fit the user’s needs.



Montreal Conversion

Montreal Conversion transforms existing wood-burning fireplaces into new units that emit no more than 2.5 g/hr of fine particles into the atmosphere or into gas heating units. Very few fireplaces are compliant with the new municipal requirement coming into effect on October 1, 2018. Montreal Conversion’s solution helps reduce the environmental footprint of fireplaces.