14 avr. 2021 Lauréats

Questions to our Life Sciences Mtl inc. Laureates

Gray Oncology Solutions Inc

Gray is developing resource allocation software focused on optimizing the functional efficiency of oncology clinics to reduce patient wait-times, improve patient throughput, reduce stress and ultimately provide superior patient care.

Questions to André Diamant

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

A combination of those suffering from cancer all over the world, my family, and my team!

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

A desire to translate academic research (and its projected impact) into reality

3 ways technologies are improving our life

1. Reduce wait times for the patient's cancer treatment.
2. Improve efficiency, allowing hospitals to treat more patients with the same resources.
3. Improve quality of life for both patients (reduced wait times) and staff (automation of monotonous tasks).


INViCARE leading technology is a proprietary nanocrystalline gel with proven implant disinfection and bone healing properties, the result of seven years of collaborative work between researchers at McGill University, Harvard University and Université de Montréal. INViCARE team is on a mission to control implant infections, alleviate people’s suffering and lower healthcare costs.

Questions to Ashwaq Al-Hashedi

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

The challenges that I have to overcome knowing that I have to tackle them to make progress in my company.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

The technologies discovered during our 7 years of research in the field of implantology were innovative and worthwhile to be translated to healthcare practice since most of the current data showed high numbers of implant failures due to infections and none of the current techniques or tools seemed to add any value. INViCARE was founded afterwards to bridge this gap and translate research innovations into products and transfer it to the clinics to better serve the public and advance the dental industry.

3 ways technologies are improving our life

Our technologies help professionals provide better treatments to people with implants, reduce the infection rate, alleviate people suffering and reduce health care cost.

Jenthera Therapeutics

Jenthera Therapeutics develops CRISPR therapeutics using its novel precision editing platform, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for the tackling of genetic diseases.

Questions to Laurent Ziri

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

We are motivated by democratizing gene editing therapeutics in order to make them safe, effective and affordable to all.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

Our team has been working together for over 10 years and wanted to ensure that our novel disruptive non-viral gene editing technology sees the day of light within a certain corporate culture and context based on developing the first in kind gene editing therapy accessible to all.


PLAKK uses artificial intelligence in medical imaging to revolutionize the prediction, treatment and prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Questions to Kashif Khan

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

Knowing that the next day is never going to be the same as the previous day. Every interaction is a learning opportunity and a method to make an impact on another person.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

The want to turn my research in the lab into a business solution to make a worldwide impact on patients suffering from cardiovascular disease.

3 ways technologies are improving our life

1. Accurate risk stratification for patients with cardiovascular disease;
2. Provide optimal selection of patients for treatment;
3. Reduce the financial burden that cardiovascular disease has on the healthcare system.

Statera Medical Inc.

Statera Medical develops next-generation shoulder prosthesis to increase patients’ quality of life, without compromises.

Questions à Frédérik Plourde

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

Offer patients an implant that will allow them to regain a normal quality of life and the ability to perform their everyday action without pain.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

The family influence and my desire to improve medicine for future generations.

3 ways technologies are improving our life

1. In the morning, it's great to wake up with the best classical music hits, to know the temperature outside, my schedule and my "to-do" of the day.
2. My work efficiency: interconnectivity between my devices and access to my files from any device is a major time saver.
3. During my sports training, as I am a big fan of connected devices. So I have sports equipment that allows me to monitor in real time all my efforts during my triathlon training whether indoor or outdoor."

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