3 aoû. 2021 Lauréats

Questions to our Life Sciences Mtl inc. Laureates


Eyful enhances the vision of visually impaired people affected by aged macular degeneration by combining augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Questions to Michael Perreault

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

The most motivating element for me is knowing that the work we do has a real impact on the quality of people's lives.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship provides incredible leverage! It becomes possible, with limited resources, to have a major impact in the world.

What benefits do technologies bring to health?

Technologies allow for better monitoring and understanding of the patient's condition. They help optimize the management of health centers to maximize the impact that each professional can have. And finally, they make it easier for healthcare professionals to support patients. Whether it's through medication or medical devices, technologies are incredible tools for treating or supporting the patient.


Phyla is a digital health company developing the first end-to-end solution for gastrointestinal health by offering at-home microbiome stool testing and a companion app to generate customized and data-driven recommendations for our users. The AI-enabled technology is designed specifically for those suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Questions to Paul Godin

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

I enjoy approaching life with an open mind and to the best of my ability to add value to humanity. Alleviating suffering, restoring hope and listening with compassion is what motivates me to get out of bed!

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship and the commercialization of new technologies allow me to build solutions that have a real impact on people's health and on our society.

What benefits does your technologie bring to health?

First of all, it allows for remote monitoring of the disease, in a very precise and non-invasive way. It also facilitates patient triage for health professionals and is more economical than today's standard (10 times less expensive).

LFAnt Medical

LFAnt Medical is a Montreal-based biotechnology company dedicated to revolutionizing diagnostic technology for the detection of infectious diseases. LFAnt combines progress in biomolecule sensing with microelectronics and telemedicine to offer a superior.

Questions to Patrick O'Neill

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

Getting up in the morning is easy because I know I will have the privilege of creating all day; and seeing our designs and ideas come to life by becoming technologies that will one day do a lot of good.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

I always say that entrepreneurship found me and not the other way around. I hadn't even completed my undergraduate degree and all of a sudden I was part of a company that was pitching competitions and incubation programs. I was incredibly lucky in that I discovered my love for entrepreneurship after starting this journey, my interest continues to grow every day!

What benefits does your technology bring to health?

Our rapid testing technology with the option to quantify results gives healthcare professionals better information for administering treatment. Plus, with Bluetooth, test results are sent directly to the doctor's phone or computer. And it performs better than single-use rapid tests on the market while remaining less expensive and more accessible than an in-person visit.

Eli Science

Eli enables women to take control of their health by providing them with their daily hormone profile.

Questions to Marina Pavlovic Rivas

What motivates you and makes you wake up in the morning?

Advancing women's health is a very motivating factor for me.

What brought you to entrepreneurship?

I turned to entrepreneurship because I really wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible in women's health.

What benefit does your technology bring to health?

Our technology allows women to access hormonal fluctuations on a daily basis and through the years, to take control of their health from puberty to postmenopause.