Grant+: How to apply? fr

Eligibility and Selection

Grant+ is a competition that offers innovative young companies in Montréal up to $20,000 in non-equity funding, personalized, tailored support services for life. Entrepreneurs have access to a network of more than 450 high-calibre experts who provide support in accelerating their companies’ commercialization and internationalization among other services. Projects are evaluated once a year, in September. Decisions are made following an eight-week selection process.

Eligibility criteria


You must be working full time on the project.


You must reside in Greater Montréal (Montréal metropolitan community) and the head office must be on the island of Montréal.


You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or have a Quebec Selection Certificate.


You must have a for-profit enterprise.


You must be ready for commercialization or you must have started making recurring sales for less than 12 months. In case you have not started sales, present a prototype, a product or validated service or present the result of your MVP.


You must have at least 50% control de facto on your company. At least 50% of shares with voting rights must thus be detained by the eligible candidate(s).

Selection criteria

Innovation and impact

The solution (product/service) is innovative, meets a real need on the market and brings an effective impact on society.

Job creation

The project has the capacity to create jobs over a period of 3 years. Number of jobs that may be created.

Growth potential

The project has strong growth potential.

Co-founding team

The members of the co-founding team have complementary experiences and skills related to the project.


Market validation has been completed, and there is a minimum viable product (MVP).

Realism of the project

Business model, viability of revenue model, operational feasibility.

Exclusion criteria
  • Not-for-profit projects
  • Projects rejected in the past
  • Projects of a sexual, religious or political nature
  • Projects involving illegal or recreational drugs (projects involving therapeutic drugs will be considered)
  • Bar projects
  • Student projects: internships and university projects
  • Research and development projects
  • Self-employed workers
  • Projects whose main activities are outside the territory covered by Mtl inc.
« Being a Mtl inc. Laureate means being part of the select club of the next generation of Montreal entrepreneurs. It means having a network of very accessible peers and professionals who share contacts and expertise. Mtl inc. is an important advantage in our company’s growth and success. »

JP Desjardins, The Wallrus - Lauréat 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply if I’m under 18 or over 35?

You may apply if you and your associates have reached the age of majority (18) as required by law in Quebec. There is no upper age limit for applicants. Grant+ is now open to all entrepreneurs aged 18 and over.

What if I live outside Montréal but plan to locate my business in Montréal?

You may apply for a grant if your personal residence is in Greater Montréal. Your company’s head office must be in Montréal proper.

I don’t have permanent resident status yet. Am I eligible?

At a minimum, you must have a Quebec Selection Certificate to apply for Grant+. However, disbursement of the grant will be conditional on your obtaining permanent resident status if your project is selected.

I want to start my own business. Am I eligible?

Before you apply, make sure you are legally allowed to start a business. Make sure your business project satisfies the Grant+ eligibility criteria. Note that self-employed worker projects are not eligible.

What documents are required?

The list of documents required is available here.

What is required in the business model?

No business model is required. Only a summary presentation of your business model is required. Please refer to the Basics of the Business Model.


I’m starting a co-operative. Am I eligible?

Only worker co-operatives may apply for Grant+ (other forms of co-operatives are not eligible).

If I was unsuccessful in previous Grant+ applications, can I apply again?

You may apply if it’s for a different project. You can’t reapply for a previously rejected project.