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How to apply?

We will assist you in the preparation of your application. Stay tuned for upcoming information sessions and webinars.

Our selection committee evaluates projects once a year. Our selection criteria focus on innovation, entrepreneur expertise and project viability. Preparatory activities are offered throughout the application period to help entrepreneurs put together their application packages.

1. To help you prepare


How to get a Mtl inc. Grant+?

We explain the offer and the application procedure.

You can also email your individual questions to An advisor will reply or contact you if necessary.

Watch the webinar:

Q&A session

This group session with our team of advisors will answer all of your questions.

September 30, 4.30pm-5.30pm.

2. Assemble your application

149 KB

Your business model

A business model is not required. Only a summary presentation of your business model is required. Please refer to The Basics of the Business Model.

Download as pdf


A two- to three-minute video by the team of cofounders (1. Your reason for applying; 2. The unmet need you have identified in the marketplace, and why you are the one to meet it; 3. Issues you are currently working on; 4. How Mtl inc. can assist you)

Financial forecast

Financial forecast over 3 years


Up-to-date résumé or LinkedIn profile for each co-founder

Media kit, awards, etc.

(where applicable)

Other relevant documents

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