Business Plan Elements

The entrepreneurs

What are your main motivations?
What is your personal vision and your company’s vision within the next 3 years?
Are the entrepreneurs’ competencies and experience in relation to the project profitable and complementary?
Show how the team members complement each other in this regard. Describe the people around you (coaches, mentors and organizations).


What needs or problems are you trying to solve?
How do you intend to solve the need or problem?
Clearly show the innovative and unique element of your solution/product.


What is the market, the potential size and the target clientele?
Who are your direct and indirect competitors?
What is your positioning in relation to the competition?
Have you validated the market? If yes, what are the results?


Have you started sales? If so, how much? If not, projected for when?
What is your strategy to acquire customers (specify concrete actions)?
What are the distribution channels of your product/service?

Financial component

What is your revenue model (price strategy)?

Operational process

What is your production process? (source of supply, way the product/service is delivered, subcontracting, warehousing, data storage)?
What are the risks associated with your project? Do you have intellectual property?

Potential job creation

How many full-time jobs do you plan to create within 3 years?

Growth potential within 3 years

What are the markets envisioned within 3 years?
Do you plan to export?

Make sure to have the following elements in your business plan for analysis of your grant application. They represent Mtl inc.’s evaluation criteria. The business plan should be limited to between 30 and 50 pages, not including appendices.