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Insurance / Investment / Finance 2018


Quantolio is an independent financial technology firm that specializes in developing AI-driven software for financial institutions (banks / asset managers / insurance companies).
We help our clients improve their processes and strategies by connecting their data to our expertise in AI algorithms, including deep and reinforcement learning. Our tools help asset managers better manage their risk, banks more quickly detect fraudulent transactions, and insurance companies achieve lower churn rates.



Planned is a web platform allowing event organizers to discover & book the most beautiful venues in their city.

Software 2017

Ayatana Technologies

Ayatana Technologies develop products to personalize the wine and beer shopping experience with recommendations based on shoppers’ tastes. Ayatana Technologies developed a platform to help shoppers decide more easily and more quickly what to eat and drink and to increase the average shopping cart of retailers.

Video games 2019

Triple Scale Games

Triple Scale Games is an independent video game studio that produces fun games, featuring dexterity, strategy and cooperation for families and players at all levels. The games developed call on animals present in Québec (squirrels, dogs, cats, raccoons, beavers) in familiar environments (parks, backyards, river banks). The first game is Save the Nuts, a multiplayer game that will be released in April on PC and later on consoles. It calls for cooperation and competition. Two teams of animals, dogs and squirrels, compete in a soccer-style game to bring a trophy (a nut!) back to their camp and keep it.

Software 2019

Tiing Pot Commun

Tiing is a platform that offers a “participatory payment” solution, intended to simpify group collection of money. It is an online money pot, a digital version of an envelope, a hat or an urn… During a party, a wedding or other occasions, the guests can deposit money in the pot to participate in a common gift or the organizing expenses.

Software 2019


Spacial has developed a management platform for coworking spaces. This platform meets needs such as space reservations, product consumption, user chat and other functionalities. The platform is integrated with the billing systems. In addition, Sparkgrid is developing a mobile app that gives users access to information about the spaces.

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