The essential gathering to meet the most innovative emerging startups in the city !

The grand-messe Mtl inc.

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For 6 years now, you have been loyal to this essential gathering to meet the most innovative emerging startups in the city. On Friday, May 14, 2021, influencers, media, investors, accelerators, support organizations and the general public have come to celebrate the next generation of entrepreneurs to propel startups by highlighting them and creating connections.

On the program: public confessions (pitches) from our 40 exhibiting startups, and networking time in the exhibition hall!


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« The grand-messe Mtl inc. is a unique and unmissable event in the startup ecosystem! This is THE best place to discover new, innovative products and new trends. »

30 September, 2020 Liette Lamonde, , Executive Director of Montréal inc.

Discover the 40 selected exhibiting startups

Science and health

Azimut Médical is developing a smart belt for seniors that detects falls and deploys an air bag around the hips to prevent fractures.

ENK offers a proactive method of injury prevention in amateur contact sports, combining sports knowledge, neuroscience, motion analysis and artificial intelligence.

Empego is a software company aimed at improving the way patients interact with healthcare professionals through innovative solutions.

Factually Health utilise l’IA afin de devenir la destination de confiance pour vérifier l’exactitude des informations sur la santé sur le web.

Gray is developing resource allocation software focused on optimizing the functional efficiency of oncology clinics to reduce patient wait times, improve patient throughput, reduce stress and provide superior patient care.

INViCARE is developing innovative biomedical technology to treat infections around implants, with a two-pronged approach to include prevention and more effective treatment.

LFAnt Medical is a Montreal-based biotechnology company dedicated to revolutionizing the technology for detecting sexually transmitted infections.

Company that offers a new kind of facial protection for hockey players of all kinds.

Statera Medical is developing a next generation shoulder prosthesis to increase patients’ quality of life without compromise.


An innovation that facilitates the emergence of new artists! Acropolys provides the public with a web platform for musical co-creation where it will be possible to vote using a system designed for this purpose.

BeatConnect connects musicians and producers in an innovative shared environment that enables real-time collaboration, whatever your instruments and tools.

 Coinmiles is the first app in Canada to offer Bitcoin cash back to its users for their purchases online or in stores.

Founded in 2017 in Montreal, Gallea is the largest online art gallery in Canada.

Hippoc is fully automated neuroscience and AI-based software capable of predicting what catches attention and what is memorable to a consumer in visual content.

Millions of consumers accept legal contracts every day without reading them: iagree AI invents the virtual contract manager.

Company with vocation of promotion of the sexual health, of sensitization and education, to allow a serene and positive puberty, for the parents and young girls 8-12 years.

Muna offers a personalized and imagined celebration of life organization service based on the person’s unique journey.

PlanHub is an innovative search engine providing the easiest way to compare mobile and internet plans in Canada. is a free-to-use web platform that allows, using a map geolocating high schools in the province, to find the best school for their children based on their specific needs and interests.

Waddame is a company that offers a flexible and low-cost delivery solution thanks to its technological platform for delivery by private consumers and its integrated online sales offer.


R&D tech company that develops vehicle escape systems to provide a way out of highly fatal situations.

AYE3D is a company that develops and manufactures, in Quebec, monitors that allow viewing of 3D content without glasses for the professional market.

Calixa organizes your experience by showing you the brands and products that best match your preferences, using our proprietary AI-powered discovery engine, and helps build a more resilient future for small businesses. businesses in the new retail environment.

DeepSight has developed a platform for the creation and visualization of 3D content in augmented reality in order to take full advantage of digital twins.

HILO specializes in smart mirrors for the home, beauty and fitness.

HookMotion automates the detection of fraud, errors and the collection of data on casino tables.

Latence Technologies offers a cloud-based monitoring and monetization solution linked to the ultra low latency and high reliability (URLLC) of 5G mobile networks.

Leav enables secure stand-alone shopping for retailers of all sizes through its affordable contactless payment solutions.

This platform dedicated to real estate stakeholders, increases the efficiency of research, evaluation and transactions at the level of income properties throughout Quebec.

Bespoke is developing technology in the form of an API and a mobile app that takes a person’s measurements in a photo in order to recommend the right size when shopping for clothing online.

Wapitea offers a range of services in data management and api management through the use of Wapixir, a software which helps you connect all types of data sources together while exposing it through an elegant GraphQL interface in exactly the needed data format. 

Zetane Systems provides intuitive software for exploring, debugging, and perfecting machine learning models.

Environment and sustainable development

B2B direct sales platform reconnecting stores, restaurants, and other food professionals to farmers and artisans delivering around.


A menstrual and monthly subscription of 100% organic cotton, biodegradable and compostable pads and tampons.

Hôtel UNIQ is an accommodation village travelling throughout Quebec in search of the most beautiful landscapes for an exceptional stay.

Provide access to thermal insulation at a lower cost by upgrading insulating aluminum sheeting to protect and insulate goods or installations sensitive to temperature and humidity variations.

A new non-polluting and cost-effective process for recycling electronic waste that helps prevent environmental pollution by recovering contaminated plastics and by extracting precious metals.

Season 2 produces crackers made from more than 50% recycled malt, called “spent grains” that go well with different types of beer.

ChemBrains specializes in the development and commercialization of clean and green technologies for applications in water and air purification, as well as the sterilization of waste.

Soonma offers clean and accessible means of transport to all. The first product is an electric scooter without a license, a cargo version of which is intended for the transport of goods or equipment.

Other startups present to create connections

  • Archiv VR
  • Cercle local
  • Changing Habits Solutions Inc.
  • Changing Habits Solutions Inc.
  • Chokitem Vêtements & Accessoires
  • Claviers Iris Keyboards
  • Constellations
  • Kat Innovation
  • Les Technologies Lifeline
  • Madame Yoga
  • Planete GreenLeaves
  • Totum Tech
  • Vope Medical

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