Conquer the markets with TD

The very first Startup Village

The “Conquer the markets with TD” initiative, established with Mtl inc., sought to help young companies participate in trade shows in Québec, enabling them to have a better understanding of their market and their industry, and thus seize new business opportunities.

Mtl inc., in collaboration with Bonjour Startup Montréal, is proud to have set up the first Startup Village, presented by TD Bank at the Les Affaires Connexion Digital Transformation Trade Show.

19 businesses presented their innovative solutions optimizing digital transformations.

What was on the program:

Demo space, a hundred connections and a pitch contest among 19 selected businesses, including 14 Mtl inc. Laureate businesses.

DVORE, Cannforcast, Eugeria, Flare Systems, HelloStaff, Intelligence Industrielle, Locketgo, Mechasys, My seat, My Smart Journey, Pelcro, Pilar Science, Planitou, Rhinocharge, Silofit, Stay 22 et Workali.

Congratulations to Locketgo, the contest winner!

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