Montréal inc.

Mtl inc.'s approach is human, fexible and totally focused on entrepreneur's needs. Mtl inc. is a one-of-a-kind model of corporate philanthropy with strong economic impact.

Our mission

Montréal inc. propels towards success promising Montreal-based entrepreneurs through grants, highly skilled business volunteers and access to a high-level business network.

Our vision

Montréal inc. is a one-of-a-kind model of corporate philanthropy with strong economic impact. It provides privileged access to Montreal’s business networks for the most ambitious entrepreneurs starting-up their companies.

Our history

Montréal inc., (formerly Fondation du maire de Montréal pour la jeunesse) was founded in 1996 by Montreal Mayor Pierre Bourque. That year, the Mayor decided to donate his salary in favor of a cause that was close to his heart: supporting entrepreneurs of Montreal.

Since then, the fondation has been managed by a small team of permanent staff who report to an independent Board of Directors made up of business people who ensure its sound governance.

Today, Mtl inc. is supported by the Montreal business community and all three levels of government. The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, continues to serve on its Board of Directors and carries on the important work of his predecessors. Eighty percent of the Mtl inc.’s income is derived from corporate and individual donors who believe in Montreal and its economic potential. All those who support Mtl inc. share a common goal: to help Montreal entrepreneurs and thereby have a positive impact on the economic growth of our city.

The name Mtl inc. clearly communicates our mission: to build the Mtl inc. of tomorrow with the help of the Mtl inc. of today.

About Montréal inc.

Mtl inc. propels the success of young, innovative and ambitious businesses through grants, access to a prestigious business network, and the expertise of seasoned volunteer coaches.

The Mtl inc. approach is human-centred, flexible and focused entirely on entrepreneurs’ needs. Our one‑of‑a‑kind model of corporate philanthropy has a strong economic impact and plays a vital role in building a thriving city.

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