Women’s entrepreneurship

You are supported in your success with inspiring videos, a BOOSTCamp, and Workshops to facilitate your move to action and support business startups promoted by women!

Web series

Women’s entrepreneurship (only available in French)

Services for women entrepreneurs

Detect entrepreneurial ambition

Montréal inc. will rely on a digital strategy to reach women entrepreneurs in the making between ages 18 and 35, and will mobilize its network of influencers, associations and organizations in support of entrepreneurship or women.

Facilitate the move to action

Video clips calling on model young women entrepreneurs will address all the real obstacles or those perceived by women during the ideation stage. A boot camp lasting a day and a half will be organized in May, when the aspiring women entrepreneurs can develop their network, build their confidence and validate their business idea.

Support business startups

A program will be offered to Montréal inc. Laureate women entrepreneurs, which will include: coaching, assistance in searching for financing, co-development groups and access to an influential business network.

Ressources (only available in French)

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Resource Guide

Find all the tools, workshops and events available to help you start your business. (Only available in French)

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Est-ce que mon idée est bonne ?
Qu’est-ce que ça me donnerait d’être entrepreneure ?


Lisez une de nos histoires de femmes entrepreneures et inspirez-vous de leurs leçons tirées :

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