Women’s entrepreneurship program

Turn your idea into action with the Women’s entrepreneurship program! Do you have a business idea? This initiative is for all women wishing to start a business.

2020 call for applications closed. Launch date of the 2021 edition upcoming.

If you are interested in the program and dont’t want to miss the next call for application, don’t hesitate to fill this form with your contact information and we will contact you as soon as we launch the 2021 edition.

Turn your idea into action!

Whatever your reason for starting a business, this program will help you turn your idea into action!

Inspiring, Motivating and Facilitating action is at the heart of the program:

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Everything you need to start your business


Each year, discover our inspirational Webseries with successful entrepreneurs.


Watch the 2 seasons


Our program lasting a maximum of 4 months takes place in two parts:

Boost course: first part, lasting 4 weeks for the cohort of 40 women. Tools, resources and network to validate and materialize your business idea.

Lift course: second part, the 10 most advanced participants in the cohort. Workshops, conferences, and support to develop your prototype that will lead you to the operationalization and pre-marketing phase.


Details of activities and themes

Boost course

The first course allows you to quickly validate if entrepreneurship is for you.

This intensive course includes:

-Practical content
-Accompaniment by a volunteer coach
-Groups between participants (peer 2 peer)
-Challenges to move you towards the realization of your idea
-Lunches & learn with inspiring entrepreneurs
-Linking with ecosystem partners according to the progress of your project


Week 1

-The WHY of the entrepreneur
-Lean start up method 101
-Turn your idea into a product / service
-Stakes, stakeholders and personas

Week 2

-Validate the need
-Value proposition, introduction to the Business Model Canvas and feasibility analysis of the project

Week 3

-Introduction to the model
-Tool to validate needs and the market
-The strength of the network
-Premises of planning how to market your idea

Week 4

-Development of your Landing page
-Different technological tools to reach your first customers on a small budget


Thanks to our service partners: ACCLRBCF ImagineDistrict 3École des entrepreneurs du Québec, L’EsplanadeFemmessorFundicaFuturpreneurInstitut de développement de produitsJeune Chambre de Commerce de MontréalLa RucheLe WagonPME MTLRéseau MentoratUluleUrbana Marketing

Lift course

During 3 months, a cohort of 10 entrepreneurs have access to workshops, personalized coaching, peer-to-peer sessions and meetings with successful entrepreneurs, in order to reach their project to the commercialization stage.

The themes addressed during the course:

  • Demystifying financial forecasts
  • Deepen your value proposition and business model
  • Measure the costs associated with your product / service
  • Validate and adjust your product / service
  • Establish your marketing strategy
  • Develop your online sales strategy
  • Taming the numbers
  • Putting marketing actions into practice
  • Sharpen presentation techniques


Thanks to our service partners: BCF Imagine, The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan MontrealDistrict 3, L’Esplanade, Institut de développement de produits, Ulule.

« I was very fortunate to have been able to participate in the Women’s Entrepreneurship program. It was very helpful to develop my business project. What an intense, yet fulfilling year! »

Florine Notet, Synergilibre


Season 2


Episode: Resilience with Geneviève Gagnon founder of  Fourmi Bionique

Episode: Ambition with Kimberley Pontbriand, co-founder of Ergonofis

Episode: Passion with Elise Tastet founder of Tastet

Episode: Support with Anne Martel co-founder of Element AI

Episode Innovation with Elizabeth Stefanka founder of Stefanka

Season 1

Vox Pop

Episode 1: Avez-vous la bonne idée? with Sandrine Balthazard co-founder of Parloir – Caves Privées

Episode 2: Avez-vous l’entourage nécessaire? with Myriam and Romy Maguire, founders of Maguire Boutique

Episode 3: Suis-je une entrepreneure? with Murielle Grangeon, founder of Neuroconcept

Episode 4: Comment passerez-vous de l’idée à l’action? with Judith Fetzer, founder of Cook it

Episode 5: Avez-vous la passion d’entreprendre? with Gabrielle La Rue and Catherine D’avril, founders of Locketgo

The program's goals

Increase the number of women entrepreneurs

Feeling of isolation, lack of confidence, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, financial language, structure of a project … We have analyzed all the obstacles that women tend to encounter before embarking on business venture and have built a program specifically to address these issues.

Facilitate the transition from idea to action

The program will rely on two strategies to track entrepreneurial ambition and inspire aspiring women entrepreneurs:

– Inspirational testimonials from female entrepreneurs: second season of our webserie unveiling 5 successful women entrepreneurs who address essential values ​​to have in order to start a business (passion, resilience, mutual aid, ambition, innovation).

– The program will allow you to meet entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and advice.

-A support program for a cohort of 20 to 40 women giving access to tools, resources and a network to build their business project.

Do you have any questions?

Take contact with France Gosselin: program manager of Women’s Entrepreneurship program.

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